About us

TEBESHIR Foundation’s mission is to motivate the most talented young people to become teachers in Bulgarian schools and to support them in their efforts to provide quality education.

Main activities:

encourage students from different stages of education to pursue a career in teaching

provide various opportunities and resources to develop the skills of students of pedagogy

develop the capacity of teachers, through developing their skills and introducing them to innovative teaching methods

work in partnership with government institutions, NGOs, schools and universities to improve the quality of education in the field of pedagogy

improve the attractiveness and reputation of the teaching profession

The Bulgarian educational system is facing a serious problem - the retirement of 45 000 teachers over the next 10 years. At the same time, the number of newly recruited teachers decreases every year. According to data from 2017 from the National Statistical Institute teachers up to the age of 29 make up only 4 percent of the teaching personnel in Bulgarian schools. The relatively low grades from the high school diploma of students accepted in pedagogy major are concerning. Moreover, only 10 percent of the pedagogy graduates become teachers and many of the newly recruited teachers leave the system within the first four years. In the coming we will observe an increasing shortage of well-trained and dedicated teachers to inspire the future generations. To improve the quality of Bulgarian education we should attract the most talented young people to the education system.

“I believe that young people have the potential to be the agents of change in Bulgaria and that what they need to achieve great things is an opportunity. TEBESHIR Foundation creates opportunities for Bulgarian youth to apply their knowledge and skills in projects that are truly meaningful, because being a teacher means to dedicate your life to inspire the future generations.”

- Gergana Yaneva, Founder of TEBESHIR Foundation